1. What is the concept of this project?

 Ventus is a Beach front planned community. A retreat to enjoy nature at  its best, sports and the well-being. We intend to preserve the environment  minimizing the carbon foot print and supporting the community.

We are an inclusive community.


2. What is a wellness and inclusive community?

 We have planned a to have a minimum environmental impact.

 An inclusive community means being open and embracing other cultures and ideologies.

A wellness community promotes a healthy life-style living in harmony with nature.

Facilities for yoga practice, meditation and adventure sports are available at Ventus.

3. By what means do you intend this?

 Planning for a low-density architectural project, respecting and preserving the flora.

Participating with local authorities and the community in the improvement of the area.


4. How do you support the local community?

 Some measures we are undertaking to support the local community are:

  • Participating in waste management awareness
  • Preserving the flora and fauna through restricting construction

 Other planned activities include:

  • Providing recycling workshops for the local community
  • Creating a protected area to reproduce native species


5.  What is the legal structure?

 We hold a certified title for the property and provide all legal certainty for  buyers such as title insurance.The residential community at Ventus is  constituted as a Condominium under the regulations of the Municipal   authorities of La Paz. All residents have to abide by the rules andregulations of the municipal authorities and those of the condominium.



6. What services are available at La Ventana / El Sargento?

 At La Ventana / El Sargento you can find some of the basic services available such as: an emergency clinic, a gas and police station, several convenience stores, restaurants, hotels and coffee shops.


7. What is the buying process for foreign citizens?

As required by Mexican Law, land ownership for foreign citizens in protected areas (50km from the coastlines and 100km from the border can be attained by signing a Fideicomiso.

 Foreign citizens may sign a Fideicomiso (Trust contract) with a bank to hold their title in order to own a beach property in our country.

 The trust will hold the property so the foreigner does not own the property directly. As beneficiaries of the fideicomiso, foreigners have the rights to use, sell, rent, donate, etc. the property as if they were direct owners. Additionally, properties under a fideicomiso can be passed onto others as inheritance.

 The Baja Legal law firm facilitates this process in order to conduct all this process safely.


8. When can I start the construction?

 Construction may start immediately as soon as you have the local construction license. In order to have this license you have to present to the local authorities with the foot-prints of the intended project along with all required documentation and pay the corresponding fee.


9. What is the expected time of delivery?

 We intend to complete the basic infrastructure for Ventus within a two-year time frame.


 10. Where is the nearest airport?

 If you are traveling by air the nearest airport is located in the City of La Paz. It lies approximately 45 kms from the town of El Sargento.

 How ever you can fly into San Jose del Cabo (SJD). Cabo has more flights and is generally a little less expensive, while La Paz is smaller but way closer.